A perfect devastating example of simping

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Racism in America is institutional as generations of the same practices proves it

Then-Lieutenant General Charles Q. Brown Jr. flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The twice-married husband who tried to get away with “accidental murder” for the second time

Toni and Harold Henthorn

This is the reason why mental health care through the ranks should be encouraged

Dozens of officers gathered outside the Cook County medical examiner’s office to pay their respect to Deputy Chief Dion Boyd

Killing the men in her life was not enough

Stacey Castor and First Husband Michael Wallace


They were entrusted to her care, but she killed to impress her lover

Kristen Gilbert; early years (left) and recent photo (right)

Early life

Premeditated murder and alleged cover-up by the Italian government

Ilaria Alpi

From the outside they had everything, at home danger lurked

Tob Cohen and Wife Sarah Wairimu

Jax Hudur

I write about history, politics and true crime. Not to mention anything else that takes my fancy. “No special talents. Only passionately curious.” AE

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